The rendezvous is a re-enactment of the annual gathering of mountain men traders and Indians that occurred in the west and took place between 1825 and 1840. During this time beaver pelts were in high demand and fur trade.

The summer rendezvous where provisions were brought to a chosen valley where there was grass for the animals and game for the camp. Everyone was there to purchase and trade. This idea gave birth to the legendary rendezvous system.

By the late 1830s caused by the change from beaver to silk fashion resulted to where fur trade greatly declined. By the close of 1839 it was decided that it would be the last rendezvous gathering. However a small supply train was still sent in 1840 from St. Louis to the green river where a small rendezvous was held. Thus the last gathering of the mountain men took place, bringing to an end an exciting portion in American West History.

Today, over 120 traders setup and hawk their wares. The goods sold and traded are reminiscent of the typical goods you would have found at a rendezvous in the 1800’s. Among the goods are black powder rifles, clothing, moccasins, knives, tomahawks, furs, tanned leather, and hundreds of more items. In addition to trader’s row, there are combinations of mountain man lodges, tepees, and camps that are setup on the grounds. Those in the primitive camping area use only items that would have existed in the pre 1840’s. There is a period food court at the rendezvous serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rendezvous also has many competitive events, activities, and entertainment all weekend long. The competitions include: black powder rifle and pistol shoots, knife and tomahawk competitions. The past comes alive around you in an unforgettable combination of history, entertainment, learning, shopping, food and fun.


Today, Brushy Creek Rangers embrace the traditions that our fore father’s began. A handful of men back in the mid 70’s initiated the idea to form a club where each person showed great interest in black-powder muzzleloading. As interest grew, so did the club. Eventually the Officers and members of the club negotiated with the State Department of Fish & Game a location on private party in Smartsville, Ca. Here the club established an Annual Rendezvous and Club Shoots. The club Brushy Creek Rangers was named after a seasonal creek adjacent to the land where the club resides.

As the club thrived many of the traditions were utilized or enhanced to make the experience more exciting. Over 35 years later, Brushy Creek Rangers seek the knowledge of keeping it alive. Involvement today is a struggle for all ages & generations. As we reach out to inspire our younger generations to keep our history rich and the spirit alive.