Folks mingle from all around. On the hills, over the hills, down the hill, on the flat and across the bridge. Where would you be?

Trader !   Our devoted Grub Tent – “MARIA’S”
Your never to old !   Practice make perfect!!







That’s enough practice for me!



The walk from registration.


Ask the kids, even the animals  love it there.



                 Here we have  ⇒  ⇒ ⇒  ⇒   Trader Row


  The Judge’s!            Here we have excited volunteers to give their expertise opinion on Yummy Apple Pie. They patiently wait for samples of various entries to taste.


                                The first round with more to      come!                              

The decision !

This is not an easy task  to determine which entry fits the 3 requirements for a beverage:                                                       1. Color – what looks the closest to Apple Pie                         2. Taste – it must taste like Apple Pie                                        3. Smell – like Apple Pie                                                           Once they have tasted an entry their opinion is determined by the color of a bead. The entry with the most of one colored dead is the WINNER!                                                                                                      


We make are own determination.

Everyone gets into the act of tasting no matter WHAT your choice is!


Their decision !


     There’s a bale of hay (which the children love to play in) spread out on a trap mixed in the hay are usually donated items for boys & girls (stuffed animals, toys, single raped candies, bottled bubbles, packaged play dough, necklaces, pencils, etc; even money at times but, plenty for all. We believe the parents & on lookers have just as much fun watching.     The coordinator allows a minimal amount of time for each age group to rummage through the hay.   FUN!!! 

Youngest participant.
Second age group.





Third age group.




Free for all!
Don’t forget me!   Didn’t you leave anything?